Migrate to Australia

Why do people migrate to Australia?

Australia is a wealthy country with a population of over 21 million people that sits on the world’s smallest continent. Today, Australia is currently one of the best places to migrate to for a variety of good reasons as listed below.

Australia’s migration policies welcome migrants. As a nation founded on immigration, Australia’s population growth is accounted for mainly by an aggressive and ambitious immigration program introduced shortly after World War II and this program continues to be in operation today. Australia is a beautiful land and although temperatures in the country can get high, it usually occurs in the interiors of the country. Australia benefits from the maritime influence and has a beautiful countryside.

Australia is in need of skilled labour. The rapid economic growth has resulted in a requirement for qualified workers. The country is addressing this labour supply problem through its immigration policies which invite qualified people to live and work in Australia. Australia’s robust economy ensures vast opportunities for human development and a better quality of life. In fact, Australia has always ranked within the top ten of the United Nation’s Human Development Index.

Australian education is western-style and is one of the best in the world at 8th in the worldwide rankings. Australia’s education system is run by both public and private sectors and education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 15. Also, the government-run primary and secondary schools are free. Australia’s public healthcare system is at par with the world’s best. Australian Medicare covers all Australians and pays for hospitalization and medical services in public hospitals. English is spoken by virtually all Australians. It is the official language and is spoken at home by at least three quarters of the population. Those who do not speak English at home are usually bilingual.

Australia fosters a great community spirit where a class boundary that is almost palpable in some societies is absent. The people in Australia lead fairly relaxed lifestyles and there is a general sense that everyone is contributing to the greater good of the society.

How do I migrate to Australia?

There are a variety of methods of migration to Australia. To obtain entry into Australia, you need a visa for entry. The most popular visas are the following:

Skilled Migration — including State Sponsorship requirements
Family Sponsored Skilled Migration
Working Holiday Options
Parents — Contributory
Business Owners & Investors
Employer Nomination — permanent & temporary options
Remaining Relative & many more options

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