Emigration from South Africa

Why migrate to Australia from South Africa?

There are a variety of reasons why South African people migrate to Australia. Australia is a developed country with a wide range of economic opportunities. It has a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle. The first language of Australia is English, although Australia harbours residents from all over the world meaning that Australian society has achieved a high level of multiculturalism, often celebrating its cultural diversity and acceptance of people from countries all over the world. Australia is a nation of migrants, much of its success depends on the hard work and determination to succeed which migrating people often bring to its economy and community.

What is the process involved?

Getting into Australia requires one of a number of visas. Each one of these visas requires some basic requirements.

The types of visas are:

Skilled Migration Visas

Employer Nominated/ Sponsored Visas

Student Visas

Business Visas

Family Visas

Skilled Migration

This is based on a Points System. Points are allocated according to a number of criteria such as occupation, education levels, work experience and age. Depending on the current Australian skills shortfall so they will let more or less migrants into the country that have those skills.

Employer Nomination or Sponsored Visas

The requirements like all over the world is that the employer has to make a case for filling a position by an non-Australian. This type of visa can be either issued as a permanent or temporary visa. The temporary visa can be for up to 4 years and is a bit easier to get than the permanent one.

Student Visas

Student visas are given to those who want to further their education in Australia. Although the fees are expensive (AU$10,000 to AU$15,000) you can work up to 20 hours a week.

Business Visas

People who have a business background and want to invest in Australia by starting a business may apply for this type of visa. The requirements are tough as there are many criteria that you have to adhere to and business in Australia is a lot different to that in South Africa.

Family Visas

This is for those who already have family residing in Australia.

General Visa Requirements

The general requirements for an Australian visa are:

Qualifications. You will need at least a post-secondary qualifications and have the required skills for your nominated occupation.

English language. You need to be able to speak English (or at least be able to converse in Australian).

Age. You should be under 45 when you apply.

Nominated occupation. You have to nominate an occupation and therefore you will need the skills and qualifications to perform this occupation.

Recent work experience. As with most requirements they need to be up to date and the more experience you have will give you more points.