Immigration advice

Immigration law is a highly complex and constantly changing field which can have a major impact on your life’s journey. Our lawyers are highly experienced both as lawyers and immigration agents. We can provide expert immigration advice on a range of immigration issues including:

1. Business Visas
2. Student Visas
3. Employer Sponsorship Visas
4. Partner Visas
5. General Skilled Migration

Timely and accurate immigration advice can critically affect the success of your immigration application which can have a large impact on many other areas of your life. Having someone who is highly knowledgeable and experienced in this field to assist you can be of great benefit if you are trying to immigrate to Australia.

Our organisation also maintains strong links with a number of the migration organisations which provide complementary services to our business such as translation, notarial services, skills assessments, migration education providers and other associate services. We are happy to refer you to these services if you are in need of a migration service like this.

We also provide advice and information to employers looking at engaging the process of obtaining workers from overseas. In an increasingly competitive global labour market, we have found that companies that seek workers from overseas obtain a competitive edge because they access to the world’s best in the labour market. Such workers are also often very happy to work for Australian employers because it gives them the prospect of establishing a life in Australia through an organisation with significant resources. It is prudent to ensure that there is a business process available to assist you as an employer to adhere to your obligations as an employer sponsor for immigration purposes.

If you would like to inquire about our migration advice services please contact us using the contact form at the top right of this page or by calling us on the number listed above.