Listed Below is a description of the most common visas used for migration into Australia.  There are a variety of categories which visas fall into for entry into Australia.  There are visas for workers, migrants, visitors, students, employers, refugees and bridging visas.

Work visas can be further categorised into Employer Sponsored Workers, Professionals and other Skilled Migrants, Business People, SkillSelect, Temporary Work and Specialist Entry, Doctors and Nurses, Regional Employment, Air and Sea Crew and the Seasonal Worker Program.

The next major category of visas is the migrant visa.  These visas can be for family members, returning residents or can involve the issuing of certificates of status which are for clients who need evidence of their immigration status in Australia. They are not proof of identity documents.

Visitor visas are for tourists, working holiday visas, retirement visas, medical treatment, transiting through Australia and event organisers and participants.  Obviously, the nature of a visitor visa is that it is temporary in nature and does not involve permanent residence.

Student visas are also a major category of visa information.  We can provide information and guidance concerning bringing family,Changing Courses or Education Providers, Course Packaging, Education Provider’s Approval to Deliver Courses is Removed, Extending Your Stay and Health Insurance for Students and other key Issues Impacting on Student Visas.

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