Partner Visa

What are the requirements of a partner visa?

Partner Visa Information

If you’d like to apply for a partner category visa, you has to be sponsored with a person (being your fiance(e), partner, or in some conditions, a parent or guardian of your partner) who is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen and who will meet the legal requirements for being a patron. You also have to meet health and character criteria. For those who have dependent children or other dependent family, combined applications may be made by them together with your application provided that they meet specific demands.

The following short article is intended to assist you along with your fiance(e) partner or if you’re eligible to apply determine
for a partner class visa, that visa you need to apply, and what you should know to lodge an application. It is a guide meant for the use for individuals applying from both for a partner class visa in or outside Australia.

Advice For Patrons

All applicants for a partner category visa has to have a sponsor. The sponsor is generally the individual with whom the visa applicant gets the fiance(e) or partner relationship. You , as the patron, must meet with a variety of criteria that are legal to be eligible to sponsor your fiance(e) or partner.

As part of the application process, your relationship along with your fiance(e) or partner will likely be assessed.

It follows that you and your fiance(e) partner or will soon be asked to provide personal information to the department. You could also be asked personal questions about your relationship at interview.

To help discover whether or not you’ll be able to fulfill these standards, you have to complete form 40SP

Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia, which includes providing evidence of financial status and your employment and giving to a sponsorship undertaking (see page 16). The form is available from the website of the department and could be printed out as a PDF, or obtained in the closest office of the section or Australian mission overseas in paper format, and after that filled in. For additional details on how to create a sponsorship application, see page 11.

When you have finished and signed the form, you should give or send it to your fiance(e) or partner so that they will lodge it together with all the form 47SP Application for migration to Australia by a partner that they have completed, together with any other applicable forms and records along with the application charge (or evidence the cost has been paid).

If your partner:

— is in Australia
— does not hold a substantive visa, and
— has had a visa refused or cancelled since their last entry to Australia (other than a visa cancellation or refusal on an Associate visa refusal or character reasons);

It’s a legal requirement that they submit a completed form 40SP Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia to be able to make a valid application.

There’s no guarantee that your fiance(e) or partner’s application to get a visa will not be unsuccessful. If their Application is rejected, depending on the partner group visa for which the applied and either you or your fiance(e) or partner (the visa applicant) may be able to find review of the determination.