How to apply student visa in Australia

Requirements for the grant of a Student(Subclass 570–576) visa

To be granted a student (Subclass 570–576) visa, you must meet key requirements. These include a genuine temporary entrant requirement, your financial capacity, English language proficiency, likely compliance with the conditions of your visa and any other matters considered relevant to assessing your application.

A student visa application will be assessed against one of the following:

– one of five assessment levels for each visa subclass
– the streamlined visa processing requirements if you are an eligible student.
Assessment levels are prescribed according to the passport you hold and the education sector of your course. Assessment Level 5 has the most stringent requirements.

To be eligible for streamlined visa processing, you must provide evidence of your confirmation of enrolment for an eligible course from a participating university at the time that you lodge your application. Eligible courses include Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degrees.

To be granted a student visa, you must also satisfy the general requirements that are applicable to all student visa applicants.

General requirements include you being of good character and sound health, and having acceptable health insurance and no outstanding debts to the Commonwealth of Australia.

You are required to pay the Visa Application Charge, unless you are sponsored by the Commonwealth of Australia or participating in a formal secondary exchange program. Under some circumstances you may not be required to pay a Visa Application Charge if your education provider ceased to offer your course. Check the amount of this charge with your nearest office of the department or Australian Government office.